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Founder and President

Economics - Harvard University

Upon graduation, Frank joined a large, international consulting firm serving Fortune 1000 companies. During his ten years there, he rose to the position of Senior Operations Manager with responsibility for one-third of the organization's billing. In his role, he was accountable for the management of projects focused on strategic planning, systems integration, manufacturing efficiencies, facilities planning and greenfield start-ups, and organizational development. In 1984, his experience included extensive involvement with one of the largest printers in the industry and his passion for the printing industry was born. The next year, Frank moved on to establish Kensington Resource Group, Inc. for the specific purpose of creating a professional management services firm focused solely on the Graphic Arts Industry.

"Since 1985, Kensington Resource Group, Inc. has worked diligently to provide the greatest consulting value possible for its printing clients. We do this by hiring superior individuals with industry experience, developing and delivering services and products to meet the specific needs of the print environment, keeping our fees reasonable, and guaranteeing our results. I remind our people constantly that this is a closely-knit industry. Our reputation for working with our clients with integrity and producing the results to which we have committed is critical to both the client's and our long-term success. We must continually work to earn the respect of each of our clients in order to have the privilege of continuing to earn our livelihoods in this industry."

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